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But the teaching of musical theory spread rapidly in the 14th century, and singers became better equipped and educated than they had been at any previous time.

Understanding and accepting that these are part of the job, rather than dreading things like planning fundraisers for upcoming tours or making sure there are enough candles for the choir at the candlelight service, will only make the outcome of your choir's accomplishments and growth as musicians more meaningful.

You may decide to work on an entire rehearsal of music they are not familiar with or you predict there are outside factors that are going to cause your singers to come to rehearsal already mentally taxed and have little to give to you.

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It is unusual, to say the least, to perform a symphony with only a single instrument to each part, even though the opposite has occasionally happened when a string quartet movement is played by the massed strings of an orchestra. Works in the public domain mean that their copyright protection has expired. One half of the class might read one section and the rest of the class can read another. If there is a hard section of rhythm but they have the notes, have the singers "bop" the notes. This is not to say that all twentieth century music is different and unapproachable; in fact, some of the trends are allowing and embracing previous eras' styles and influences. Because of this, the interpretation was up to the subjectivity of the individual performer. Modern traces of such massive choral effects may be found in the Symphony No. Rhythmic devices, specifically the use of rubato, were generally accepted after Beethoven's time, but not so before him.

It is important for the director to be open to suggestions and comments provided by the members of the choir.

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The director needs to examine how certain times of the day will affect their choir for example, will rehearsing in the morning bring more focus or more fatigue to the group than rehearsing in the afternoon? Depending on the point during the Renaissance which the piece is from, different tone qualities should be apparent. There are cases in which the director can change what is written in the piece, but they must have a valid reason for doing so. Often, conductors will assign specific colors to different techniques or goals they want to accomplish; for example red could be for breathing, green marks could be about phrasing and dynamics, blue marks could be for cues, and orange for trouble areas. Choirs will have a tendency to drag on softer, more melodic pieces and will rush on faster, more spiritual-like pieces. Working with college and professional choirs is different still, with a bit more attention to detail. Open to suggestions. Without an inner pulse, the chances of the choir cutting off in the same spot would be slim; however, if everyone is aware of the inner pulse, they will all be able to agree to cut off on the last subdivided note of the measure, whatever form that note may come in quarter, eighth, etc. Intonation can also be affected by the conducting. Your purpose, rather, is to show them that you are a friend and are there to lend listening ears. In many cases, effort is more important than results, but it depends highly on the type of choir you are directing. Hot, muggy days will bring you choir members who are far different than those that show up to rehearsal on cool, brisk days. Composers are in control over the tonality of their pieces. Instead of singing, speech choirs perform spoken-word pieces, like poems.

Another thing to consider when asking yourself what more can you ask of your choir is, are they given one hundred percent of their effort? Choral music.

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If you notice that a fourth of your choir has emailed or called in ill, you may consider cancelling rehearsal that day so that everyone can rest and resume the next day with stronger, healthier singers. Many of the writings on correct singing concern solo voices, but these styles are still applicable to and expected within choral singing.

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As a director you can begin to have an opinion on tone quality towards the later Baroque era. There was a strong distinction between national styles during this time period, as well as a distinction between individual movements of a particular piece. What are some qualities of good directors? It is on this first day that you will begin to see the personality your choir has and how you should conduct rehearsals from that day on. In order to prevent this, making the choir aware of the inner pulse is incredibly helpful. They also need to look at the general schedule of the members, what other activities the majority of members are involved in, when other groups' practices are held, etc. While not all of these will be possible today, some of them are attainable and should be done whenever possible. This type of breathing makes the choral singers basically useless. During the Baroque period, the contrast of moods and emotions was found between movements; during the Classical period, however, the contrast was found within movements. Unlike an orchestra conductor, a choral director does not often have ten or more parts to cue and direct, so extensive prior studying of the piece is not always required.
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