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Use your monitoring system of student participation in the literacy center.

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Typically, students will have different options for how they respond to text. Stenhouse Publishers.

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Create something i. This companion volume to Guided Reading K-2 extends the instruction, assessment, and management of literacy centers to intermediate through middle school grades. When the timer runs out, planning and talking stops and students begin working on their responses. At any given center, there are always different options for activities. For these students, place a 5-minute sand timer in the center. More resources on literacy centers:. Words are selected for students based on their developmental needs, and they may be part of a word study program like Words Their Way my personal favorite. Use your monitoring system of student participation in the literacy center. They may also respond to the texts by writing, drawing, or talking to a partner. For example, have students play a word work game during guided reading before you place it in the center. Partner Reading Drama, Music, or Art Literacy Play for kindergarten—optional, but recommended I suggest that you tell students which centers they will go to, and when. How to implement literacy centers Here are some guidelines for creating effective literacy centers in your classroom: Start with the student; plan what literacy center to create with the student in mind.

Each center has a designated location in the classroom. Students have choice within each center—but more about that later. And on Wednesday, you might introduce new activities for the independent reading and word work centers. Choosing Center Activities I mainly use the Daily 5 framework to plan my centers.

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How to Launch Literacy Centers in the Primary Classroom